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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


        Those who uses computer facing with hang problems in PC less or more. When your computer hangs the first thing you need to do is to wait instead of clicking and moving the mouse cursor or pressing the keyboards. There are so many reasons of becoming hanging of your computer. Sometimes your Computer may apparently seem to hang while it is actually making some slow progress and waiting can give sometime for the task to be completed by the computer. However, here are some ways of resolutions.

·       Sometimes your installation you of new software in your computer may create computer hang problem. If so then uninstall that program or software. If you are user of a modern operating system, you will be able to end the programs running in order to instantly stop your computer from hanging. Such termination can be achieved by kill command or by clicking on the ‘’end task” button which is present in the recent version of Microsoft Windows.
·        If you are using older Operating Systems, you may need to go for the restarting process.
·        The way is that you can go for a watchdog timer which can reboot your computer when it is about to be slow or about to face a hang.
·        If your computer may hang again and again then you need to check whether the cooling fans on your processor are working absolutely fine.
·        You can also scan the hard disc to fixes the error files or problems.
·        When you play high graphical game you should also modify the graphics card.
·        Sometimes loading of drives with files, programs may create hang problem. So don’t load your computer with unnecessary files, programs and software.
·        After working hour an hour you should keep it rest.